Friday, 23 June 2017

Our Trip to Kent.

  Had a lovely day in Margate on the 21st, went swimming in the sea for the first time since 2009 it was enjoyable. 
View from the balcony

Yesterday we visited Canterbury Cathedral such an inspiring place.
Just walked back to the car when we had a thunder storm heavy rain.


Lisa xx said...

ooooohh, you're in my neck of the woods-ish!(i'm nearer Rochester) Hope you've enjoyed your time here in Kent....Canterbury is a lovely city to spend time in xx

Janette said...

Glad you enjoyed your break Ginny, bet that swim was wonderful, just what was needed in the week...x

Emma Trenouth said...

You can't beat swimming in the sea when its hot, Im lucky to live near the beach, beautiful photos of Canterbury. Emma

ike said...

WoW ! I haven't been that way for may years :-) Glad you had a great day xxxxxx

Alison59 said...

I love swimming in the sea - it's so refreshing.
Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.
I hope you had a good restful time away xx